Colin Firth doesn't watch romantic comedies

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  • 16 August 2016
Colin Firth

Colin Firth

Despite starring in his fair share of romantic comedies, Colin Firth insists he doesn't watch a lot of them as he doesn't feel he is the target market for those type of movies

Colin Firth doesn't watch romantic comedies.

The 55-year-old actor may have starred in his fair share of movies from that genre including 'Love Actually' and 'Magic in the Moonlight' but insists he doesn't end up watching a lot of them as he doesn't feel he is the target market.

He said: "I really enjoyed doing them, but I don't feel that I'm the target for romantic comedies on the whole, which might surprise people given how many of them I've found myself doing!"

However, the 'Bridget Jones's Diary' star was impressed by the first instalment of the popular movie, in which he plays Mark Darcy, and praised it for being "beautifully made".

He added: "When I put on the first [Bridget Jones], I was struck by how good it was as a film. Never mind genre, I just liked it as a film and as a story. I thought it was beautifully made."

And Colin, who is gearing up to reprise his role as Darcy in the new instalment 'Bridget Jones's Baby', thinks having a 12 year gap between the latest film and its prequel is only a good thing.

He told Empire magazine: "If we had left it five or six years it would have felt too long. But when you leave it more than 10, it's (then) not a question of too long - it almost feels like it takes on a nostalgic or retrospective feel."

Meanwhile, Colin previously revealed he would have only signed up to do the third movie if the script was right.

He shared: "It would have to have somewhere to go. Back at the time, I said that a third one should only happen if we were telling a story about having moved into a different generation when we were all beginning to deteriorate a little bit. I think we might be ready for that moment!"

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