John Lydon hit with glass bottle on stage

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  • 16 August 2016
John Lydon

John Lydon

John Lydon was struck with a glass bottle while performing in Chile, leaving his head and shirt covered in blood

John Lydon's head was left covered in blood after he was hit with a glass bottle during a show in Chile.

The 60-year-old singer was performing with his band Public Image Ltd (PiL) in Santiago on Sunday night (14.08.16) when the object came out of nowhere and struck him on the forehead, leaving his shirt soaked in blood.

The band stopped playing after John was hit at Club Blondie and he blasted the culprit a "f***ing coward".

He then proceeded to wrap his head up in a towel and said: "We continue!"

PiL issued a statement on their website, insisting it was still a "great gig", despite the unsavoury incident.

They said: "Glass attack last night at Santiago, Club Blondie in Chile. No reflection on the rest of the crowd. Great gig. It lives."

The group also appealed for pictures of the show from fans.

This comes after the former Sex Pistols frontman - also known as Johnny Rotten - admitted he still gets "nervous" before he performs on stage.

He said: "I still get nervous. When I first started I thought it was just me. I'd watch other bands and think, 'What confidence these singers have got!'

"Gradually you learn it's normal. What you don't learn is how to deal with it. I read books by actors on stage fright. I learned that nerves are an important gift. That's what you need to get your adrenaline."

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