Kym Marsh can't live up to her parents' marriage

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  • 15 August 2016
Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh has revealed that she can't live up to the long and happy marriage her mum and dad have

Kym Marsh doesn't think she can live up to her parents' perfect marriage.

The 'Coronation Street' actress has tied the knot with Jack Ryder and Jamie Lomas in the past but they have both ended in divorce and now she's concerned that she'll never have a marriage as successful as her mother and father's 50-year relationship, despite happily dating trainer Matt Baker.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Monday (15.08.16), she said: "I've been married twice and divorced twice. It doesn't mean I'm a bad person. I've made mistakes and we all have. Maybe I hadn't found the right one at that time. My mum always goes on [about it] and she always judges everyone based on her relationship with my dad. They're so happy. But I have to say to mum, 'not everyone's found dad.' She's so lucky to have found him, and I think in some ways. That's maybe made me think that's what I should find."

And, although she's sceptical about heading for the aisle for the third time, the 40-year-old actress hasn't closed the door on marriage completely.

She explained: "I'm not closed off to the idea, but I don't think 'I definitely have to do this.' It's not something I think 'I have to do', because I don't think it's the marriage part it's just I haven't married the right people."

Kym married Jack in August 2002 but their romance was short-lived as they filed for divorce seven years later on August 2009.

She then went on to date Dave Cunliffe and, although the pair didn't get hitched, they did have two children David, 20, and Emilie, 18, together.

The brunette beauty then met Jamie Lomas in 2008 and married him four years later in 2012 but things came crashing down in 2013 when Kym filed for divorce and reverted back to her maiden name of Marsh.

However, during their five-year relationship, the pair had two children Archie, who died moments after his birth in 2009 due to being 18 weeks premature, and five-year old daughter Polly together.

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