Ferne McCann was called 'goose' at school

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  • 15 August 2016
Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann has been bullied about her nose since she was at school

Ferne McCann used to get called "goose" at school.

The 26-year-old reality TV star has admitted she's been plagued with hate for her nose since boys at school used to taunt her and refer to her as the big-beaked bird but, after years of cruel bullying, she's finally made the drastic decision to get the bump on her hooter shaved off.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Monday (15.08.16), Ferne - who revealed her new slim nose for the first time - explained: "I've had it [bullying] since I was 12 - when I started senior school - when the boys used to call me goose at school. And geese have these massive beaks and they planted the seed. But it was way before I was in the public eye."

And, although she's contemplated having a nose job since she was 18 years old, the former 'The Only Way is Essex star put off having the surgery for eight years because she was worried it would "upset" her mother Jill.

She explained: "That was the one thing that held me back. My mum created me, I'm her baby. I didn't want to change it for her but in the end she came round because she knew it was the one thing that made me feel so insecure."

Meanwhile, Ferne may have been sceptical about the procedure at first but she's thrilled with the results.

She said: "For me, I'm looking in the mirror and, from the front, it actually looks very similar to what it did before but profile, obviously, the bump is gone. So for me, it hasn't been much getting used to but it's been like my friends and family and the people I'm close to. I didn't want to completely change my face, I just wanted to get rid of the bump."

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