Amanda Redman to star in new medical drama

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  • 15 August 2016
Amanda Redman

Amanda Redman

Amanda Redman and Amrita Acharia are set to star in the new forthcoming medical drama 'The Good Karma Hospital'

Amanda Redman is set to star in a new medical drama.

The 'New Tricks' beauty will join forces with Amrita Acharia as they take on the lead roles as Dr Lydia Fonseca and Ruby Walker respectively in the forthcoming six-part series 'The Good Karma Hospital'.

Amanda, 59, said: "I leapt at the chance to play Dr Lydia Fonseca. She is a great character and the scripts are terrific."

'The Good Karma Hospital', which is produced by Tiger Aspect Drama, is set in a coastal town in tropical South India and will tell the story of British-Asian junior doctor Ruby, who arrives at the run-down medical centre to join a dedicated team of over-worked medics.

However, although the hospital doesn't look too good on the outside, the underfunded cottage hospital, which is run by Lydia, is the beating heart of the local community and proves more than just a medical centre to residents.

Amrita, 25, explained: "It's great to be cast in a Brit-Asian lead role in what's an atypical coming-of-age story in many ways. The role of Ruby will be exciting to explore as she uproots the only home she knows, to be thrown into the deep end of a place with a different perspective on universal dilemmas of life, love, success and failure, and ultimately confronts herself with the past she was escaping from."

And, although she took on the role because she liked the storyline, Amanda has admitted the filming spot also sold it for her.

She said: "I have always loved India and Sri Lanka. The people and varied cultures are fascinating, so spending time filming here couldn't be better. I also love the food, but will have to try and restrain myself."

'The Good Karma Hospital' will also see Neil Morrissey, Phyllis Logan, James Floyd, Darhsan Jariwalla and Sagar Radia take on lead roles.

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