Carmen Electra's 'sex kit'

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  • 9 May 2008

Carmen Electra's 'sex kit'

Carmen Electra says the best way to snare a man is to keep a "sexiness kit" with you at all times.

The former 'Baywatch' actress - who is engaged to Korn guitarist Rob Patterson - believes you should always be prepared with essential items in case you meet your dream date.

She said: "Keep a sexiness kit in the car or in a drawer at work with the essentials in it - perfume, lip gloss and a pair of heels because they'll help you better showcase your legs. Knowing you look hot also boosts your all-around confidence."

Carmen - who has previously dated Prince, Dave Navarro and Dennis Rodman - also suggested taking inspiration from movie icons on what to wear on the big night.

She added to America's Cosmopolitan magazine: "Google 'movie bombshells' before you go out. My idol is Ann-Margret, who I first discovered when I was in junior high school and saw 'Bye Bye Birdie'. I watched it over and over and studied how she moved, how she talked, and her expressions."

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