Melvin Odoom hoping to find love on Strictly Come Dancing

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  • 13 August 2016
Melvin Odoom

Melvin Odoom

Melvin Odoom hopes he will find love on 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Melvin Odoom hopes the 'Strictly Come Dancing' curse will work in his favour.

The 36-year-old television personality is set to take part in the new series of the dancing competition and is hoping he may find love on the show.

He told The Mirror: "All the dancers are amazing and I'm a single guy. If a hot, good looking professional dancer falls in love with me, I can't stop that from happening. You can't hold back love. Who am I to stand in the way of love? I'm definitely going to enjoy the experience."

And whilst Melvin isn't worried about the 'Strictly' curse, he is worried about finding a dance partner who is shorter than his 5' 4" frame.

He added: "As long as I don't get an Amazonian woman, I should be alright. I want to be able to lift up the young lady, so I need someone on par with me.

"I was thinking of getting some platform shoes and putting an insole inside it. But I want it to be as natural and organic as possible - I don't want anything hindering my movements because the hips cannot lie."

Meanwhile, the 'Sweat The Small Stuff' host is hoping appearing on the show will improve his fitness levels.

He shared: "I'm going to give it my all. I've cut out loads of things in my life trying to get my fitness up. I've been in the gym nonstop.

"I went on a 10k run this week, and I did yoga. I hated Bikram - it made me too dehydrated - but the yoga I've done is really helpful, because I'm not very flexible, but when I get in my spandex and sequins it might be a different story. I want to make sure my body is ready for what's about to happen. Mainly because I'm going to be in spandex, and I want to give the viewers a treat. I want to be like a young Idris Elba by the end of the show."

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