Renee Zellweger wants to play an elderly Bridget Jones

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  • 13 August 2016
Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger would like to return to Bridget Jones at a later time in her life to play an older version of the funny star

Renee Zellweger would happily return to 'Bridget Jones' later in life.

The 47-year-old actress - who has recently completed the third installment of the franchise - has revealed she would relish the prospect of returning as the hapless heroine in her latter years as she thinks it would be fun, and a great excuse to have a reunion.

Speaking to Total Film magazine about a follow-up, the blonde beauty said: "I don't see why not. It's an interesting idea, isn't it? From a selfish perspective, I know her and she's a lot of fun. Any excuse to have another reunion. That could be fun."

Her return as Bridget in the latest film marks the 'Miss Potter' star's return to acting after a six year hiatus, which she believes was the perfect role to return with.

Speaking about her comeback, she said: "It just seemed an obvious decision. A nice reunion with my friends and a character that I love and a town that I love.

"There had been conversations about it for a while. It wasn't a sudden decision. It wasn't a proposal that came one day and then prompted a decision to return to filming."

Meanwhile, Renee has admitted the break she had from acting was a "necessary" action she needed to nurture her personal life.

Renee explained: "I didn't want a hiatus that separates you from creative opportunities, but I needed to, and it was really something that I needed to do.

"It became more about that I needed to think more about my life outside of my profession. I don't think I would have been effective in my job if I hadn't taken that time off. So it didn't really matter if I'd wanted to or not. It was necessary."

'Bridget Jones Baby' is set to hit the big screen on September 19.

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