Laverne Cox: Playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter was 'tons of pressure'

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  • 12 August 2016
Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox has admitted she felt "tons of pressure" playing Dr.Frank-N-Furter' for the upcoming 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' remake

Laverne Cox says portraying Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' remake was "the scariest thing" she's ever done.

The 32-year-old actress has opened up about the challenges of taking on the iconic role and has admitted there was a lot of "pressure" to get it right.

Asked about her forthcoming role, she said: "It was tons of pressure.

"It was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life, but it was really fun and it was really gratifying and we had such a good time."

The 'Orange is the New Black' star is joined by Adam Lambert, Victoria Justice and Christina Millian in the updated version of Tim Curry's 1975 classic and while it was a challenging experience it was also great fun.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "We loved that movie so much and I hope everyone feels the love that we have for the material and the reverence that we pay to the original film."

And Laverne was full of praise of Tim - who has a small role as The Criminologist - and said it was a pleasure to work with the iconic British thespian.

She said: "He's just so funny and witty and he has that British cheeky humour that is just everything. It's just a wonderful blessing to have gotten to [work with him]."

'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' is slated for release on October 20.

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