Foals singer Yannis Philippakis can't perform sober

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  • 11 August 2016


Yannis Philippakis has revealed that Foals have never played a show sober, and he's not sure that they'd be any good if they did

Yannis Philippakis has revealed he's never played a show sober, and isn't sure he'd be able to perform without a drink.

The Foals frontman has admitted the British indie band play every single one of their shows with at least one drink in their systems, and has said he doesn't think they'd be "any good" without some liquid courage.

Speaking to ShortList magazine, the 30-year-old rocker said: "We've never played a gig fully sober. There's a part of me that'd like to do it sober. I just don't think whether it would be any good. Most nights are mental. I missed a flight recently because we were drunk. In terms of how we operate, it's not a problem, but the booze is imbued in the band because we started out playing house parties. And anyway, I've got the rest of my life to clean up."

Yannis star has also claimed that alcohol has helped him deal with injuries sustained during performances, though he admits that it's not the best thing to use in a medical emergency.

He recalled: "One night on tour in the US, I caught my knee on the edge of the stage. I was coming back from being out in the crowd and my shin split down length-ways. I couldn't see the bone but there's not much flesh over your shin, you know? Anyway, I got back (to the hotel) and Jimmy (Smith, rhythm guitarist) and some of the guys were like, 'It'll be fine, let's just leave it,' so we poured some vodka in the cut and wrapped it up. But then it got infected. It was a f***ing nightmare. I went to a doctor about a month later - he had to pull the rotten bits of skin off!"

Elsewhere, Yannis revealed he is "glad" new bands are getting a chance to headline British festivals.

Foals are headlining Reading and Leeds Festival later this month and he thinks it's right they are getting the chance to prove they can top the bill because he was "bored" of seeing the same acts take the headline slots.

He said: "We're bored of seeing some dude from the 90s headline.

"I'm glad, even just selfishly, that we're headlining Reading rather than some old heritage band that have already headlined every festival on the circuit."

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