Bobby Norris has a new puppy

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  • 11 August 2016
Bobby Norris' dog Baby (c) Instagram

Bobby Norris' dog Baby (c) Instagram

Bobby Norris has bought a new puppy called Baby following the death of his late pooch Beau, who was mauled to death by another canine last month

Bobby Norris has got a new puppy.

The 'Only Way is Essex' star was left heartbroken last month after his beloved four-legged friend Beau was tragically mauled to death by another canine, but he hasn't let the heartbreaking incident put him off getting a new furry pal as he's just bought a tiny pooch called Baby.

Taking to his Instagram account, Bobby uploaded a photograph of Baby sitting in her adorable velvet bed.

He captioned the sweet shot: "Meet Baby.. (sic)."

However, despite his new addition to his family, the 29-year-old star wants to keep a little piece of Beau with him at all times and recently got a tattoo of a capital 'B' with three paw prints inked on his left wrist in memory of him.

Bobby is evidently still grieving for Beau and finds looking at old photographs of his pup too much to bear, and has wiped all pictures of his pet off of the social media site.

Meanwhile, Bobby had a panic attack and collapsed to the ground after he witnessed his "baby" die a few weeks ago.

Speaking previously about the incident, he said: "I had a panic attack so I'm kind of doubled up and I can't breathe and by the time I've come up from the ground and I'm looking at Beau on the floor, I'm in the field on my own. [The other dog's owner had quickly left]. Beau's my baby so in my head, I had to get him to a vet immediately. I got him to a vet and it wasn't looking good but unfortunately the extent of the damage and we had to make the decision and the kindest thing for beau was to put him to sleep."

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