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  • 7 December 2006

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Thankfully, unlike 2005, this year has been a far happier time in clubland. Of course there was the closing of the legendary Venue in Edinburgh, a club that has shaped the entire dance (and live music) scene in Scotland. We’ll miss it like crazy, but at least it went out with a bang, hosting a few killer nights before they shut up shop for good in June.

In Glasgow, the last few months have seen an explosion in new venues. The Classic Grand, Boho, Karbon, Stavka, Guru and The Hold have all proved clubbing’s not dead in the west. It really has been great to see venues opening rather than closing.

In terms of nights that rocked it, our very own Madam S (with help from Hushpuppy) at Utter Gutter has been packin’ ‘em in with their mash up of dirty house, sleazy techno and pumping homo-electro. Xplict proved drum & bass isn’t dead and if you caught any of their shows with Pendulum in particular you’d have witnessed one of the most rammed dancefloors in Scotland. We Are . . . Electric have established that midweek clubbing isn’t a misnomer with some killer guests all on a Wednesday (from Black Strobe to Felix da Housecat). Then again their residents nights are something to behold. So, all in all, clubbing in Scotland is looking healthier than it has for years. Roll on 2007.

And finally, seeing that it’s the season of giving we have five copies of Tony Humphries’ latest mix CD to giveaway. Masterclass #02 from Milk’n’2 Sugars, featuring names like Todd Terry, Incognito and Andy Caldwell, this is an upfront mix of soulful house by one of the pioneers of the scene. For your chance to win a copy just send an email marked ‘TONY’ with your name and address, to promotions@list.co.uk by Thu 4 Jan 2007.

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