Tom DeLonge to tell-all about leaving Blink-182 in new docuseries

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  • 10 August 2016
Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge has vowed to answer any questions about his departure from Blink-182 in a new documentary, 'Ernie Ball: Pursuit Of Tone Featuring Tom Delonge'

Tom DeLonge is to set the record straight about his departure from Blink-182 in a new documentary.

The pop/punk band's former frontman is working on an episode for Ernie Ball's 'Pursuit Of Tone' series and says that anyone who has any unanswered questions about his decision to leave the band in January 2015, will hopefully have them answered in the forthcoming tell-all movie, which details every part of his music career.

On why he decided to do the 90-minute film, Tom told Alternative Press: "I'm hoping this will answer most, if not all, of the questions for those who are looking for answers. It's easy to judge and make your own conclusion from headlines and quotes taken out of context.

"This is the full story of my career from start to finish. It feels good to be able to put it out there in a comprehensive way."

The 40-year-old rocker claims that he didn't leave the group - also comprised of Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker - because he "wasn't satisfied" or had a desire to work on his own, he just felt like he wasn't doing stuff that challenged him and so he decided to move on.

In a preview of the upcoming film, he says: "It wasn't because I wasn't satisfied or I always wanted to be some solo artist. I like to challenge myself--mentally, artistically. "

I'm just wired that way, and that journey is way more important to me than fame or money or anything."

Tom - who also fronts Angels & Airwaves - has been involved in work to help with the threat of unidentified flying objects, which are a "national security issue" and has various other projects on the go.

Meanwhile, Blink's bassist and co-vocalist Mark recently admitted that he felt relieved when Tom left.

He said: "It was a relief when Tom decided he didn't want to be in the band.

"It had been obvious for years he wasn't happy in Blink.

"For years we'd always said - well, at least Travis (Barker) and I had - Blink is our main priority. We all do other things but Blink comes first.

"We had planned to do new recordings for months but days before we were to start, Tom's manager emailed us and said he wasn't interested.

He was out."

The 'Bored To Death' hitmakers have just released their first album without Tom, 'California' - which gave them their first number in the UK - and with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba in tow, drummer Travis admitted he believes the band have a "new energy" since he came aboard.

He said: "There's a new energy in the band."

'Ernie Ball: Pursuit Of Tone Featuring Tom Delonge premieres at 8pm on August 19 exclusively on Audience Music.

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