Seth Rogen felt 'betrayed' by Katherine Heigl's Knicked Up criticism

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  • 9 August 2016
Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen has admitted he initially felt "betrayed" by Katherine Heigl's criticism of their 2007 film 'Knocked Up'

Seth Rogen has admitted he was hurt by Katherine Heigl's criticism of their film 'Knocked Up' - which she claimed portrayed women as "humourless and uptight".

In the 2007 comedy, Seth and Katherine played lovers Ben and Alison who conceived a baby after having a one-night stand and then try and embark on a relationship and get ready for parenthood.

A year after its release, the 'Grey's Anatomy' star moaned that she had a "hard time" playing her "bitch" alter ego in the movie - which was written and directed by Judd Apatow - and was unhappy that the female characters were "shrews", whilst all the guys were "goofy and lovable".

Seth has now come out to say he was surprised by his co-star's comments and insisted she had every opportunity to offer her opinion on set if she was unhappy with the plot.

Speaking on 'The Howard Stern Show' on Sirius XM Radio, he said: "As we were making the movie, honestly, I was like, 'I would make a dozen movies with her. I would be whatever the s****y version of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is.'

"I thought we had a great dynamic, people seemed to like it, we were funny together, I was having a really good time, and then when I heard afterwards that she didn't like it, that she seemed to not like the process, and she did not like the end product either. I think when that happens - also your trust feels somewhat betrayed. We have a very open process. We're like, 'You have the ability to say anything at any moment. I don't like how I'm coming across here.' "

Katherine, 37, was convinced that Seth had beef with her over her comments and in April she recalled a time when he was frosty with her at a party around six years ago.

However, Seth, 34, is adamant he doesn't hold a grudge against Katherine and instead thinks that he and Judd, 48, learned a valuable lesson from her opinion.

He said: "I respect the fact that maybe that perhaps she realises it has hurt her career, and I don't want that to have happened to her at all. Because I've said a thousand stupid things, and I really like her. Especially if she is being honest, the only people who, in this situation, should in any way take anything from it is me and Judd. Because we are the ones she was talking about. For other people to not work with her because she didn't like her experience with us is crazy."

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