Rylan Clark feared losing Big Brother job

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  • 8 August 2016
Rylan Clark-Neal

Rylan Clark

Rylan Clark feared an argument between housemates on 'Celebrity Big Brother' would mark the end of his job on the show

Rylan Clark feared losing his job over a 'Celebrity Big Brother' argument.

The 27-year-old star, who presents spin-off show 'Big Brother's Bit on the Side', has admitted he was worried he would be left unemployed after a huge argument on tonight's episode (08.08.16) of the show.

Speaking on 'This Morning' today, he said: "[In] tonight's episode [...] we put in the most simplest of tasks [...] having a big balloon strapped to your front and all you've got to do is [not] burst your bubble. When I say that house erupted, I literally thought that was it, that was it I was out of a job, it all went mad over a balloon. And you will be seeing that in tonight's episode."

It has been a tough weekend for the reality TV show, with 67-year-old television personality Christopher Biggins being removed from the house following offensive comments.

Big Brother also had to intervene again after The Only Way Is Essex's Lewis Bloor and 'Storage Hunters' star Heavy D got involved in an dispute which almost turned violent.

Speaking about the argument, Rylan said: "We've had to intervene again in the house.

"Lewis Bloor and Heavy D got into an argument over the weekend, and it did look like it could have gone a bit too far.

"You saw [Lewis] do a countdown saying 'I'm gonna give you 10 seconds and then I'm gonna fight', and he counted down and he got out the pool. [...]

"I love this show and I will defend this show as much as I can until the day I die but it just seems so goady in there. Everyone is goading each other."

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