Amanda Barrie recalls sexuality 'confusion'

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  • 8 August 2016
Amanda Barrie

Amanda Barrie

Amanda Barrie has admitted she has "always been confused" about her sexuality and was "terrified" people would refuse to work with her when she came out as bisexual

Amanda Barrie has "always been confused" about her sexuality.

The 80-year-old actress came out as bisexual in her 2006 book 'It's Not A Rehearsal' two years after her husband of 37 years, Robin Hunter, died, and admits she was "terrified" her co-stars would refuse to work with her after she broke the news.

Amanda - who married Hilary Bonner in 2014 - said: "When I did my autobiography, I was being hounded by people asking about my sexuality - which had always been a confusion to me, never mind anyone else.

"So I did the book because I thought, 'I'm bloody well putting my side of how it is.' I wanted it off my chest.

"If you did it now nobody would notice, and it's not that long ago. Nobody at 'Coronation Street' knew but my very close friends Helen, Sue Nicholls and Barbara Knox.

"I was terrified, there was an attitude that certain people wouldn't work with you, it was taboo. Everything changes so quickly - in a wonderful way."

Amanda is known for her roles in two 'Carry On' films as well as 'Bad Girls' and her 13-year stint as Alma Baldwin in 'Coronation Street' until her character was killed off with terminal cancer, and the star admits she often dreams of being back in Weatherfield.

She said: "I've no regrets over leaving, I got offered a part in Bad Girls. But I have dream after dream where I'm back in it."

The star is set to appear in 'Bendiorm' as Psychic Sue and while Amanda hasn't always enjoyed her appearance, she is now content with how she looks.

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I used to get upset on 'Carry On Cleo', everyone had blonde hair and huge t**s and there was me, brunette and flat-chested.

"I've never been impressed with myself, but I saw it recently and I looked quite good!"

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