Jeremy Vine to present Crimewatch

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 August 2016
Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine has been pulled in as the new host of 'Crimewatch' and will feature on screens from September

Jeremy Vine is set to present 'Crimewatch' later this year.

The 51-year-old radio presenter - who is best known for hosting the popular early afternoon Radio 2 show - will reportedly replace Kirsty Young at the helm as the BBC crime-fighting show gears up for a revamp in the autumn.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Jeremy said: The presenter said: "I grew up watching 'Crimewatch'. It is one of the most powerful programmes the BBC has ever broadcast with the power to change and save lives, and of course, to solve crimes. To present it is a great honour and with this new format 'Crimewatch' will be even more at the heart of the BBC One schedule."

From next month, the popular show, which will air on BBC One, will be given a regular weekly slot on the broadcaster for the first time since it hit televisions screens in 1984.

Each episode will broadcast live from the location of the main crime featured on the show that week and detectives will be on hand to help show viewers how the incident unfolded.

Joe Mather, the executive editor of 'Crimewatch', explained: "It has been a fixture for 32 years, but the way we do it has changed very little.

"The regular slot is a game-changer for us. We will be able to update on appeals far more quickly, and show people that their calls really do make a difference.

"The intent is to solve serious crime. Nowadays, with audiences moving over to Netflix, a big live event programme like 'Crimewatch', which needs audience participation, is something unique and special at a time when broadcasters are finding it hard to make shows that viewers need to tune in to live.

"Filming on location will emphasise our joint purpose with the police and the viewers. We want to show people that these crimes are real. This happened somewhere. It could be where you live."