Chloe Khan's ex warns of 'gold digger' ways

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  • 4 August 2016
Chloe Khan

Chloe Khan

Chloe Khan's ex-boyfriend Ian Hough has lashed out at the brunette beauty for being a "gold digger" and has warned her fellow 'CBB' housemates to watch their backs

Chloe Khan's ex-boyfriend has branded her a "gold digger."

Ian Hough - the father of the model's eight-year-old daughter, Destiny - has warned the brunette beauty's fellow 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates to watch their backs because he believes she will do anything for fame and fortune.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Ian said: "Any guys in there need to watch out. I know Chloe and she's gone in there to make herself a lot more famous and show this new side of her that she's just made up. She wants to show people she's changed but she hasn't. She's one of them girls that you see in films - when there's a rich old man in his seventies and eighties, she'll be there waiting for him to die and take his millions. That's the person she is, a gold digger."

Ian began dating Chloe when they were teenagers after they were involved in a car crash in a stolen vehicle.

He said: "We bonded over something so serious and then ended up going out. We formed a gang and we'd be drinking and causing trouble. Chloe used to do a lot of street robbery."

The former couple's relationship came to a halt in 2010 when Chloe - who was known as Mafia at the time - auditioned for 'The X Factor' and, since then, the pair have gone their separate ways, dating other people.

Ian is now happily married and employed, while Chloe moved out to Los Angeles and became a Playboy model.

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