Ashley James' six-month dating ban

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  • 4 August 2016
Ashley James

Ashley James

Ashley James has decided to shun men for six months because she wants to focus on herself

Ashley James has put herself on a dating ban for six months.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star has decided to shun men for the next half a year because her "disastrous" love life was starting to drag her down and shatter her confidence.

She explained to the MailOnline: "I am actually really good at giving love advice and a lot of my friends seek my advice. However I am awful at following my own advice and my love life is usually a disaster. I've decided to avoid men for 6 months as they were the only thing in life dragging me down."

The 29-year-old beauty believes her faith in relationships started to crumble after her split from Matt Richardson two years ago because it led to her battle with body dysmorphia.

She said recently: "It was a break-up that knocked my confidence. I put everything into a relationship, moved in with someone for the first time and that didn't work.

"I'm a perfectionist and when that didn't work it had a big effect on me and because it was in the public eye it was a difficult change for me. With Matt Richardson, we're friends now so it's fine. It was my first difficult break-up where it was in the public eye and it was a difficult time in my life. The stress it caused with my acne and body confidence."

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