Aubrey O'Day receives formal warning on Celebrity Big Brother

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  • 4 August 2016
Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O'Day has been given a formal warning on 'Celebrity Big Brother' after she was caught spitting in Stephen Bear's food

Aubrey O'Day has received a formal warning after spitting in Stephen Bear's food on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

The 'Show Stopper' hitmaker has been reprimanded by Big Brother after scenes aired of her spitting in the 'Ex On The Beach' star's sandwich and drink.

Calling Aubrey into the diary room, Big Brother told her that her actions were not acceptable and that the behaviour wouldn't be tolerated despite her insisting it was only meant to be a joke.

Stephen was later told about the incident by Big Brother privately.

On finding out what happened, he said: "She spat in my tea, big deal! I'll probably put her up for nomination every single week. I've had worse in my mouth!"

Later in the show, Aubrey was seen apologising to Stephen, which he accepted and joked back with her.

She told him: "I'm sorry. It was not done in a malicious way."

To which he replied: "If you want to kiss me that bad you can!"

Stephen also spoke to Renee Graziano, known best for her appearance in 'Mob Wives', about what had happened. It was then that she revealed she knew what had happened. He was disappointed by her admission and told her he felt she lied to him.

Renee and Aubrey then had a conversation about the whole incident, where Renee insisted her "alliance" is with the singer.

She told Aubrey: "He doesn't trust nobody! My alliance is with you."

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