Celebrity Big Brother house evacuated after fire

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  • 1 August 2016
Lewis Bloor

Lewis Bloor

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' house was evacuated over the weekend after contestants Lewis Bloor, Heavy D and James Whale set the kitchen alight

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' house was evacuated on Sunday (31.07.16) after the housemates set fire to the kitchen.

The infamous abode descended into chaos over the weekend after contestants Lewis Bloor, Heavy D and James Whale attempted to whip up a fry-up for their co-stars before walking away and leaving the bacon sizzling in the pan.

The smoke alarms began to sound as smoke filled the complex and bosses ordered the housemates to the garden.

The statement from bosses said over the tannoy: "Big Brother would like to remind you to not try and fry things in a baking tray and instead use appropriate equipment."

The compound was then put on lockdown while the smoky flame was dealt with by staff, according to Yahoo.

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time the complex has been victim to a natural disaster as the contestants of the last civilian series were also evacuated after the roof caved in and water began gushing through the panels, flooding the living room, after a horrific storm hit Hertfordshire.

Bosses of the Channel 5 show were desperate to get the wannabe stars away from the dangerous scene and screeched down the tannoy: "This is Big Brother, all housemates must enter the bedroom immediately!"

However, although concerned for their own well-being when the ceiling collapsed and water soaked the furniture, the housemates didn't seem too bothered about the downpour as just minutes before the dramatic scenes took place they were spotted frolicking in the garden with one another.

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