Vicky Pattison will still be on Loose Women in 25 years

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  • 31 July 2016
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Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison believes she'll still be on 'Loose Women' in 25 years' time because she's learnt so much from her older panelists

Vicky Pattison thinks she'll still be on 'Loose Women' in 25 years.

The 28-year-old star is having a great time as a panelist on the popular ITV daytime show and is learning a lot from her older and more experienced co-stars.

She said: "'Loose Women' has been incredibly and I've learnt a lot. I see it as something I'll be doing in 25 years time.

"The women I' working with are amazing. Ruth Langsford is an amazing anchor - I'm obsessed with her.

"Coleen Nolan's humour, stories and warmth are infectious.

"Then you've got people like Janet Street Porter who can be so cantankerous and downright unpleasant at times, but I know how intelligent and witty she really is. I'm in awe of her."

And Vicky is desperate to take their professional relationship more personal but doesn't know how to suggest they go out socialising together.

She said: "I would love nights out with them all, but because we film so early I can't say, 'Does anyone fancy hitting the local Wetherspoons?' I'd love to though."

These days, Vicky is much happier after leading such a "toxic" life while on 'Geordie Shore', admitting she was miserable "every day" while shooting the reality show.

She said: "I used to wake up every day when I was doing 'Geordie Shore' and hate my life and I didn't know why I was so miserable and upset.

"But it's because I was leading an unhealthy lifestyle, because I surrounded myself with people who didn't feel or think the same way I did and because I didn't count my blessings. I was living a really toxic life."

After winning 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' last year, Vicky was overwhelmed with how the public's perception of her changed and frequently burst into tears.

She admitted to Woman magazine: "When I came out of the jungle, I spent a month sporadically bursting into tears.

"The acceptance was overwhelming but the new status was also difficult to deal with because the weird thing was I never changed.

"So when I went from being essentially hated or unknown on 'Geordie Shore', to where I am now in a very short space of time, it was scary."

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