Jonathan Holmes impressed by Spielberg's 'enthusiasm' on The BFG

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  • 31 July 2016
The BFG star Jonathan Holmes

The BFG star Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan Holmes has opened up on what it was like working with Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg on 'The BFG' and has praised the director for his "enthusiasm" and "energy" on set

Jonathan Holmes was very impressed by Steven Spielberg's "enthusiasm and energy" on the set of 'The BFG'.

The actor plays the Childchewer - one of the nine man-eating giants in author Roald Dahl's 1982 book - in the movie adaptation and he admits it was massive exciting for him to get to work with the iconic director.

Holmes has nothing but praise for Spielberg's working practices and insists the 69-year-old filmmaker made every effort to create a good team spirit on set.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "Working with Steve was lovely actually. He was an extremely kind, sweet, collaborative, generous guy and I think he went the extra mile to make sure that we felt comfortable. I mean, I'm sure that he is aware of who he is and the things he brings with him and he just wants you to feel as comfortable as you can. Because I mean you're no use to anyone if you're a quivering mess in the corner because you're freaked out! So he really does make a real effort to get to know everyone's name and he was great. For a guy who is, you know, not a young man any more, he has this incredible energy and he's the most enthusiastic guy on set."

Holmes stars in the children's film with Mark Rylance - who plays the Big Friendly Giant of the title - and child actress Ruby Barnhill who portrays young orphan Sophie, whom The BFG befriends.

The Canadian actor admits it was a wonderful experience to get to work with Oscar winner Rylance on the movie and he was very "encouraging" during the shoot.

He said: "I didn't meet Mark until the first day of the project, and he was just really encouraging. He had just come from filming 'Bridge of Spies'. Him and Steven literally wrapped 'Bridge of Spies' and then moved on to filming 'The BFG'. Mark told me, 'Everyone's great and just enjoy it. Just enjoy the ride.' He was just really encouraging ... It was brilliant to make this movie! It's nothing that you ever really expect to happen, to get to make something like this when I'm sort of mid-career, it's just fantastic."

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