Katie Price wants to present This Morning with Peter Andre

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  • 30 July 2016
Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price wants to present 'This Morning' with her former husband Peter Andre

Katie Price wants to present 'This Morning' with Peter Andre.

The 38-year-old presenter and realtiy TV star revealed she and Peter, 43, have now put their acrimonious divorce behind them and she would jump at the chance to work with him.

She told the Daily Mirror: "Work is work. I can be professional; Pete can be professional. So why couldn't we all do a 'Loose Women' together? Imagine us presenting 'This Morning'?

"People would definitely watch it. We'd probably give each other s**t, and people would wonder if we were serious or not. It would be quite funny."

Katie also admitted she wishes their marriage had not ended, as she is "old fashioned".

She explained: "I'm still quite old fashioned, if I'd had it my way I would have stayed married to the first person I was married to, had kids and lived happily ever after."

Katie and Peter have children Princess, nine, and Junior, 11, together and she also has Harvey, 14, from a previous relationship and Jett, two, and 23-month-old Bunny with her third husband Kieran Hayler.

Peter is married to Emily MacDonagh and the couple have two-year-old daughter Amelia and another baby on the way.

Katie previously praised Emily for healing the rift between her and Peter, saying: "With Emily, I think she's really nice. I'm actually glad he's with someone like her. She's a proper lady, she speaks really well, it seems she's come from a lovely family and the kids love her and never say a bad word about her.

"I'd rather he was with someone like her than some gobby person like me!

"I have to thank her, because the situation now is that we're all talking. I think it made a difference, him having a woman in his life.

"We now all get on, as Kieran has always been nice to Pete and the kids prefer it."

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