Mila Kunis admits to ruining takes on Bad Moms

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  • 30 July 2016
Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis at the Bad Moms premiere

Mila Kunis has confessed that she ruined the most takes on 'Bad Moms' because her co-stars were so funny

Mila Kunis ruined the most takes on the set of 'Bad Moms'.

The 32-year-old actress admitted that Kristen Bell and Katherine Hahn had her in stitches while they were filming, and she spent most of her time saying sorry.

Speaking to Collider, Mila said: "These two ladies [Bell and Hahn] are incredibly funny.

"And when given the opportunity to do whatever they want to do it's obnoxious.

"I [I ruined] so many takes. I kept going, 'I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

"You can see my shoulders wiggling, and they're just like riffing for an hour. Pretty funny I've got to tell you."

Mila plays Amy Mitchell in the film, a stressed housewife who joins forces with fellow moms Kiki [Bell] and Carla [Hahn] to go on a wild binge and break free from their mundane lives.

The actress also said that 'Bad Moms' was by far the easiest filming experience she has ever had.

She said: "This was the easiest movie, the fastest movie I've done in my life."

Her co-star Kristen, 36, agreed and believes it helped that all three of the actresses are mothers so they had some insight.

She said of the filmmakers: "They hired all moms. The director was incredibly enthusiastic and ready for opinions about motherhood that they maybe hadn't heard before.

"You're sort of shocked when you see it was written by two guys. Then you understand it was a love letter to their wives, and mothers all around."

Katherine, 43, added that the filmmakers were: "Such a group of awesome pros. And it helps that everyone is a mum. We got it done."

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