Mel B's Spice advice

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  • 7 May 2008

Mel B's Spice advice

Mel B has asked Victoria Beckham for business advice.

The singer is launching a clothing brand, Catty Couture, in the US and has turned to her "shrewd" former Spice Girls bandmate for help.

Mel said: "Victoria is really positive. If you need any business advice, she's always the person I talk to.

"Victoria has got her head screwed on right. She's basically a very shrewd businesswoman. She's also incredibly helpful if you want advice and really just tells you to go for it."

Mel has become a household name in the US since her appearance on hit TV talent show 'Dancing with the Stars', where she lost in the final.

She is hoping her clothing range will help cement her star status Stateside.

She added to Britain's Hello magazine: "I've been wanting to do a line of my own designed clothes for ages. Now seems the perfect time. People in America know who I am."

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