Derren Brown - Tricks of the Mind (3 stars)

Derren Brown

Tricks of the Mind (Bantam)


What’s the first rule among magicians? Surely it’s the one about never ever divulging the secrets of your chosen profession. So, what on earth is Derren Brown doing here telling the humble general public how to develop useful sleights of hand? Well, it’s all a bit of harmless fun as, no matter how hard us mere mortals try, we can never come close to matching his staggering ability to bamboozle and befuddle. That’s pretty much the subtext to this entertaining but often irritating journey into his world.

The story of how the man from Croydon developed a love of magic while simultaneously losing his religious faith and ended up pointing a gun to his head on (almost) live television would be more fascinating if told by a neutral without a smart alecky approach. Illusionist extraordinaire he may be; witty writer he’s not.

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