Katie Price's dodgy tummy

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  • 28 July 2016
Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price was forced to miss 'Loose Women' earlier this week after she fell ill from sushi

Katie Price was battling with sickness and diarrhoea earlier this week after she scoffed a dodgy packet of sushi.

The 38-year-old beauty was forced to pull out of her panel position on 'Loose Women' on Monday (24.07.16) after her body rejected the batch of raw seafood and rice that she bought from the train station en route to the lunchtime show.

Speaking on the programme on Thursday (28.07.16), she explained her absence: "I wasn't alright, I didn't make it here and I had the preview of my new show with all the press coming and I didn't make that.

"I was proper poorly, it wasn't about cosmetic surgery - well I did a few weeks ago - no I'm not pregnant. But when I'm ill everyone knows about it, it's not like Joe Bloggs getting ill, no one cares, but it seems to be such a big deal if I'm ill.

"I had sushi that I bought at a train station and it was coming out of both ends!"

However, the former glamour model has admitted she's back to her old self and had to hold her tongue on the show today because she was in a "naughty" mood.

She said: "I'm back on form and actually in a real naughty mood today and I don't know why. Don't worry I'm not going to say anything bad but I'm in one of those moods today."

Meanwhile, Katie was joined on the show today by her children Junior, 10, and Princess, nine - her kids with ex-husband Peter Andre - as they announced they will be appearing on the panel once a week throughout the month of August to give their opinions on controversial topics.

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