Skin Piel (Without Sin)

Skin Piel (Without Sin)

The Arches, Glasgow, Tue 20–Thu 22 May


Morally questionable animal testing aside, in vivo research has proven its worth through centuries of scientific study, with experimentation on, or dissection of, entire systems providing valuable holistic information on the workings of the world. Drawing from a wide range of experiences and cultures, Oceanallover’s new work promises an in vivo examination of the human condition, using performance and music as a dissection tool.

In seven abstract scenes, ranging from medieval morality players at an airport to the monarchy on a package holiday, director and performer Alex Rigg has diverse sources of inspiration. ‘The idea of anatomists and artists looking in collaboration at the human body interested me, but that line of thinking runs in parallel with an investigation of the human body as a geological landscape, or maybe the skin of the earth and the skin of the human body.’ Rigg is also keen to stress the non-representational nature of the work. ‘My approach is to try and generate specific emotions within people; what they won’t see is a typical literal manifestation, hopefully what they will feel is a sense of the emotion it generates.’

Rehearsing on a rural Galloway hillside, Rigg has deliberately worked outside the collective consciousness of the city to create a fresh vision, with a suitably lofty aim. ‘When people go away and think about what they’ve seen and try to interpret or understand it, I hope they will get a sense of the physical scale of humanity and the balance between human frailty and the human ability to move mountains.’

Skin Piel (Without Sin)

Scottish performance company Oceanallover's latest blend of theatre, music and striking visual imagery is an 'illustration of the human condition' in seven vignettes, from master craftsman picking out MFI tabletops to the monarchy on a package holiday to Ibiza.

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