The Curve Foundation 10th Anniversary Gala

The Curve Foundation 10th Anniversary Gala

King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, Tue 20 May


‘I thought if I were to have a party to celebrate ten years of the Curve Foundation, who would I invite?’ says Ross Cooper, artistic director of Curve Foundation. ‘Who has been relative to our evolution? Which people have helped and encouraged me?’ Performed almost a decade to the day since the company’s debut, the show will feature two works by Curve, plus two duets by dancers from Scottish Ballet and Phoenix Dance.

‘For many years Scottish Ballet has been the establishment for me to learn from and build off of,’ explains Cooper, who has asked dancers Jarkko Lehmus and Kara McLaughlin to perform Ashley Page’s sensual duet, Acrid Avid Jam. Cooper also asked legendary choreographer, Merce Cunningham to donate his lead dancer, Daniel Squire to the gala.

‘I told Merce we wanted to perform his solo, Signals at the gala,’ says Cooper. ‘And he said I either needed Daniel or Mikhail Baryshnikov to dance that role. And since I went to school with Daniel – and I think he dances it better than Baryshnikov – I’ve asked him to come over from New York.’ With Curve’s dynamic rendition of The Four Seasons and a work by former Rambert dancer, Ana Lujan Sanchez, completing the bill, this is one birthday party worth inviting yourself to.

The Curve Foundation

The Curve Foundation, a sleek and innovative force in the contemporary Scottish Dance scene, present Fernando Hernando Magadon's 'Close-up', Ohad Naharin's 'Passo Mezzo' and Peter Darrell's 'O Caritas'.

The Curve Foundation with The Scottish Flute Trio

The Scottish Flute Trio collaborates with Curve Foundation Dance Company, featuring choreography for a newly commissioned piece by David Fennessy.

The Curve Foundation Dance Company: Four Seasons

The Brunton's resident dance company celebrate their tenth anniversary with modern dance interpretations of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'.

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