Laura Carter: 'Marco Pierre White Jr is better in bed than Bieber'

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  • 24 July 2016
Laura Carter

Laura Carter

Laura Carter says Marco Pierre White Jr is better in bed than Justin Bieber, who she had a threesome with last year

Laura Carter says Marco Pierre White Jr is better in bed than Justin Bieber.

The ousted 'Big Brother' contestant enjoyed a threesome with popstar Justin, 21, last year before romping with Marco, 21, on the reality TV show and she had more "sexual chemistry" with Marco.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, Laura, 30, said: "I've got to say that Marco is the better kisser. Marco is so hot. And we did have so much sexual chemistry. We really, really did.

"I think Marco and Justin are both the same age - they're about 21. I'm such a cougar. I'm not saying there wasn't sexual chemistry with Justin. I mean, he's Justin Bieber and he is really hot."

Laura also revealed she hopes to see Marco - who was engaged when they had sex on TV - again now that they have both left the 'Big Brother' house.

She said: "I'm sure I'll see Marco again. We both live in Chelsea and love to party. I'll go over and give him a big hug.

"It would be lovely to see him again. But I can probably say nothing is going to happen again. We're just friends."

However, she previously admitted she is "mortified" by her antics with Marco.

She said: "I am absolutely mortified; I can't believe it happened. I think the reception I had when I went in it really affected me and Marco gave me attention. But it's definitely the worst thing that has ever happened. Everyone makes mistakes."

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