Sarah-Jane Crawford's cancer scares

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  • 24 July 2016
Sarah-Jane Crawford

Sarah-Jane Crawford

Sarah-Jane Crawford has suffered two cancer scares in two years and discovered she is at a high risk for breast cancer

Sarah-Jane Crawford has suffered two cancer scares in two years.

The former 'Xtra Factor' presenter revealed that after having a lump removed from her right breast, she discovered another in her left one earlier this month, leaving her terrified.

Sarah-Jane, 35 - who also had a non-cancerous fibroid removed from her uterus - told The Sun on Sunday: "The first thing I thought when I found the lump was that an operation to remove it would be my third in two years.

"I tried to separate emotions from it and told myself that if I needed it removed, that's what I would do.

"But the operations are traumatic. I'm not very good under general anaesthetic.

"I cry and panic because there's always the fear you won't wake up.

"After my first operation my immune system was so low that when I went back to work - just three weeks afterwards - I caught a bad virus and was really ill.

"I was walking around with really bad double vision. I couldn't even walk across the road by myself.

"But thankfully it was caused by the operation rather than anything more serious and I was told by doctors it was probably a once in a lifetime thing."

Although Sarah-Jane's lumps turned out to be benign, she has been told that she is at a high risk for breast cancer.

She explained: "I'm now considered a high risk for breast cancer, but in a way that makes me less at risk because I know about it.

"So if I do find something again, it's not likely to be serious yet.

"Checking my breasts has become routine and I know that I'm going to notice anything that changes."

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