Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards accuses ex-wife of taking everything from him

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  • 24 July 2016
Eddie the Eagle

Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards isn't afraid to get married again in the future because his ex-wife has already taken everything he has following their bitter divorce

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards has accused his ex-wife of taking everything from him.

The former Olympic ski jumper was left heartbroken by his wife Sam Morton two years ago when she told him she no longer wanted to be with him following 13 years of marriage and, although his divorce has been a long and painful process, he hasn't been put off tying the knot again in the future because he's got nothing to lose after his former flame allegedly bled him dry.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "It has put me off getting married again but it's still raw. In five years' time, I might think about getting married again, who knows? For me, it's kind of a financial thing. It cost me so much and I haven't got anything now to give so in one way shape or form, it can be quite good because if I get married and I get divorced, there's nothing more they can take. It won't put me off too much in the future."

However, although he's keen to get hitched again one day, the 52-year-old athlete has admitted he doesn't have the time at the moment to date anyone because he's so busy with his career.

He explained: "I'm not dating at the moment. I'm just far too busy travelling all over the place and it's not very conducive for me to form any kind of relationship when I'm away five nights a week."

And any time he does get off, Eddie likes to spend it with his daughters Otillie, 11, and Honey May, nine, whom he has with Sam, because they're the most important people in his life.

He added: "Any spare time I do get, I want to see my two little. I try and see them at least two or three days a week. "

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