Mrs Brown's Boys live episode will have no time limit

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  • 23 July 2016
Mrs Brown's Boys

Mrs Brown's Boys

'Mrs Brown's Boys' live episode will have no time limit and no swear word filter in Saturday (23.07.16) live episode, which will be aired on BBC One at 9.45pm

'Mrs Brown's Boys' live episode will have no time limit.

The BBC One comedy series - which sees Brendan O'Carroll play the lead role as Agnes Brown - will launch its first live episode on Saturday (23.07.16) and the comedic actor has been given free rein to keep the show running for as long as he wishes, but only if it is funny.

Speaking about the forthcoming episode to the Sun Online, the Irish funnyman said: "I said, 'How long have we got?' And they said, 'Well, how long do you want?' Give me a target, at least!

"They said, 'If it's funny, just keep it going. Do the show you want'."

The 60-year-old star has revealed he is honoured BBC bosses trust him to be let loose on stage with very no guidelines and has been a successful sitcom despite rumours the show would be axed after its pilot episode in 2011.

However, Brendan believes this evening's show could go two ways and he fears he may be kicked off the stage.

He explained: "I think that's very, very trusting. What a high it's going to be. I'm going to be getting a whole new sensation or getting escorted from the studio by security men!"

And the upcoming one-off episode won't have a swear word filter, which previously gave the production team a five second delay to enable them to bleep out any foul language.

Speaking previously about the risky episode, the show's creator said: "[When I was told that there won't be a delay] I said, 'Oh!' because I know what I'm going to do out there, but I don't know what Mrs Brown is going to do. So we'll just have to wait and see.

"This is very exciting. When I heard the BBC were letting us go fully live I thought: 'They've lost their minds!'"

And Brendan has revealed he is constantly told to curb his potty mouth if he wants to be a recognised name in the industry, although the warning has only made him worse.

He explained: "I do get told sometimes to watch the swearing. And I always say: I wish you hadn't told me because now I'm going to do it."

'Mrs Brown's Boys' will be aired on BBC One on Saturday (23.07.16) at 9.45pm.

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