Coronation Street are angry about six episodes a week

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  • 23 July 2016
The cast of Coronation Street

'Coronation Street' cast

'Coronation Street' cast have been angered by six episodes per week and have an "issue" with giving up their free time on the weekend to accomodate the new changes

'Coronation Street' cast have been angered by six episodes per week.

The longstanding show's boss Kate Oates has revealed stars on the programme were "worried" about giving up their free time every weekend to film the additional scenes for the soap when the new changes kick in next year.

Speaking to the Sun online about the forthcoming modifications made to the show, the former producer of 'Emmerdale' said: "With things like weekend work, which it was reported that the cast were very worried about, that has been raised as an issue."

However, Kate - who joined the team behind the ITV programme in April this year - is hopeful the additional cast members will alleviate the fears the cast and colleagues hold.

She explained: "But we're going to work against doing that if we possibly can.

"When it comes, I don't think it will be a huge shock to the system at all because we will look at how we schedule things and I don't think there will be a big difference to the way people work."

And the creative mastermind has previously teased she is looking to bring back actors who have previously graced the cobbled streets of Weatherfield.

Speaking previously about how she plans to cater for the extended episodes, she said: "I've been tossing around a few ideas in my head about who will be back. There's nothing I can really talk about yet. I'd need to talk to the writers first.

"I think 'Corrie' has a strong cast and also a strong history. And it's nice to mix and match.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what the writers are interested in doing and matching their ideas with mine. Often you find yourselves thinking from the same place. You think along similar lines. And I'm sure that's true when it comes to bringing back popular characters."

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