Parka - Attack of the Hundred Yard Hardman (2 stars)

Parka - Attack of the Hundred Yard Hardman



One day, that baggy comeback is going to arrive, and will a band like Parka be leading the charge? Probably not. For all their verve and enthusiasm, the Glaswegian group (now based in London) sound just like the times they emulate with no Klaxons-like edges of re-invention. These songs are the meat and potatoes of mainstream rock’n’roll, sporting occasionally awful titles like ‘You’re No Geezer (But You Try)’ and ‘Bosses and Bastards’.

Bet you they sound great live, though. Singer Matt Thomson merges Liam Gallagher’s sneer with Noel Gallagher’s everyman, often nonsensical lyricism. They’re magpies too, sneaking little bits of Northside, Flowered Up, Northern Uproar and The Fratellis into a set which still manages to make Hard-Fi sound like sonic pioneers.

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