Jeremy McConnell begged Stephanie Davis for a baby

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  • 19 July 2016
Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis has claimed her ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell begged her to have a baby with him but, now that she's actually pregnant, he doesn't want to know

Jeremy McConnell allegedly begged Stephanie Davis to have a baby with him before they split up.

The former 'Hollyoaks' actress has claimed her ex-lover kept pushing her to try and fall pregnant while they were dating but, now that she is carrying his child, he doesn't want to know and is refusing to believe he's the father of the unborn tot.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (19.07.16), Stephanie said: "Jeremy wanted a baby with so he was trying with me. He kept saying, 'I want to get you pregnant, I want to get you pregnant.' And looking at it now - outside the situation - it wasn't the right thing to do considering the relationship and what was going on but it just kind of happened and it was a bit of a shock because I never would have got pregnant to think I was going to it alone ...

"Jeremy is 100 per cent the father, he knows that. He was trying to have a baby with me. I was the one who tried to get in contact with him. I've asked him to do a DNA test. I know he's the dad. If he wants to pay for a DNA test after then he can pay for it because he knows he's the dad."

However, the 26-year-old model believes he has every right to doubt whether the baby is his because Stephanie was pictured in bed with other guys around the same time of their split.

He said in a statement: "In the months after we split, I saw videos online of her in bed with guys, which is why I said I would ask for a test to prove I'm the dad. Having a baby won't fix what me and Steph tried to fix so many times."

But the brunette beauty immediately squashed his comment and claimed Jeremy already knew she was pregnant with his baby before the videos emerged online.

She said: "It's nice he's actually acknowledging there is actually a baby now because only the other week he wouldn't give blood tests and was saying there is no baby ... I was actually already pregnant when that bed thing happened. He already knew I was pregnant."

Meanwhile, although she wants her former lover to be involved in their baby's life when it's born early next year, the 23-year-old actress is adamant she won't let Jeremy anywhere near the little one until he's sought help from rehab and proved himself to her and his worried family.

She explained: "I think Jeremy has made it very, very clear where he stands in this situation. He's completely neglected his own flesh and blood.

"He doesn't want to believe it and I think if Jeremy is ever to be around our baby, he'd have to prove himself to me and to his family that he'll get the help he needs because I'd never put my baby around someone like that."

And, despite having a child together, the actress has no plans to rekindle her romance with Jeremy any time soon and believes she had a "lucky escape."

She added: "I did love him, I don't any more. My priorities have changed ... I'm so glad I found out the man he really is. Honestly, it was a lucky escape."

Stephanie and Jeremy met in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house in January and hit it off straight away but, after months of breaks up and make ups, the reality TV hunk decided to call things off in April.

Their relationship turned toxic and they've been at each other's throats on social media ever since.

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