The Phantom Band (3 stars)

The Phantom Band

Is This Music?@13th Note, Glasgow, Thu 17 Apr


Back in early 2005, few people were shouting about Mother and the Addicts, ditto De Rosa in early 2006, yet both of these bands went on to promptly release cracking debut albums through Chemikal Underground. Two good reasons at least to feel confident, then, that while Chemikal’s latest signees The Phantom Band are yet to fully assert themselves as a live outfit, the six-piece’s own first long player – currently brewing in a Glasgow studio – will equally light up 2008 when it arrives.

Stylistically they’re are as slippery as they come: one minute they sound like The Doors chugging along a Krautrock autobahn, the next they’re tribally banging wooden percussion to bowel-moving synth-bass, or sawing at your auditory canal with gnarled riffs Sabbath-style. The loose, scattershot delivery of these ideas live makes it all sound a bit scabby, but lashed together with more consideration on tape it could add up to something pretty special. Note that the sextet are also occasionally prone to indulging in a freaky eight-minute riff on the theme tune to Crocodile Dundee. It seems unlikely that this one will make the record.

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