Televised Crimewave (3 stars)

Televised Crimewave

Fast @ the Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Fri 18 Apr


No band of skinny-jean art-punk terriers wants to appear like they’re trying too hard, but that doesn’t work when your audience are simultaneously reclining away from looking like they give a damn. A few lively young types danced in the void between Leeds quartet Televised Crimewave and the bulk of their crowd, who rocked back on their heels in slurring semi-approval. Singer Daniel Wilson tried hard to incite some kind of connection, but it just wasn’t happening.

It’s a shame really, because Fast generally makes a habit of playing host to fiery gigs, and Televised Crimewave – who used to ply their trade around their home city under the name Black Wire – aren’t too shabby. Or rather they are, but that’s surely the point. Their finest songs, tracks like ‘Kids’ and ‘Objects of Desire’, lie somewhere in between capability and enthusiastic amateurism, fitting in perfectly with such a grimy late-night venue. The Fall and Gang of Four probably started off much like this, and the lesson here is that they no doubt very quickly learned to force a reaction from their crowds.


  • 3 stars

More riotous punk, electro, garage and rock'n'roll as Fast returns for one night only.

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