Spencer Matthews' dead brother saved his life

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  • 18 July 2016
Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews

Reality TV star Spencer Matthews has spoken of his near death experience and his belief that his brother saved him

Spencer Matthews thinks his dead brother saved his life.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star could have lost his life a few years ago when he was involved in a horrific boating accident but is convinced his late brother Michael, who passed away at the age of 22, was watching over him.

Speaking on ITV's 'Loose Women' on Monday (18.07.16), Spencer said: "I've nearly died a few times. The one that springs to mind is when I was filling in as a co-pilot for a friend of mine in a powerboat race.

"We were doing quite well and he flipped the boat going at 90 miles an hour. I dislocated both my shoulders on impact and I thought I was toast. The boat flipped I ended up under water I had this big heavy helmet on and boots.

"We were sinking, and I was under water for a good couple of minutes - or at least it felt like that. I couldn't breathe - obviously - I just started seeing a lot of colours a lot of lights. Obviously, I was probably just losing consciousness, but it felt very real. I always like to think my brother Mike is watching over me. I like feeling that whenever something happens, it's him, or even if there's some strange breeze somewhere it might be him. I'd like to think he saved me."

Spencer, 26, went on to explain how he finally broke the surface and had to pop his own shoulder back in to place.

He explained: "I thought about my brother, I thought about my mum quite a lot. I genuinely thought that was it. Then I was suddenly at the surface, my lungs opened up and I could breathe. I actually put both my shoulders back into place myself because I couldn't swim or move. So one kind of snapped back in on its own and the I kind of tried to fiddle around with my other one.It was a couple of years ago now but that was quite a scary moment."

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