Exposure - No Age

Exposure - No Age

Set to be the breakthrough band from Los Angeles arts space The Smell, No Age have unleashed a scuzzy noise-pop masterpiece in their Sub Pop debut Nouns. Guitarist Randy Randall and drummer/singer Dean Spunt crank out a joyous racket that suggests a skate-off between Hüsker Dü and My Bloody Valentine. This band could be your life.

Tell us how it all started, Dean?
We wanted to make music we could listen to. Randy and I love to play music together and it happens so naturally that we decided to make it a two-piece.

How has being part of The Smell scene, along with bands like Abe Vigoda and Mika Miko, shaped you?
In my mind The Smell has been the coolest punk club around for the past ten years, so I have always seen it as mystical and awesome. The amount of attention has nothing to do with us as people or as a band; we would still be doing the same thing if nobody had heard of us or The Smell.

Some bands are ‘all about the music’ but you seem keen to represent more than that.
It is important for us to represent ourselves, to be honest and just make music. The other things are important because they are what we do, and become what we are. We are both vegan, we enjoy playing in places other than rock clubs and we like art, punk rock, etc. But we are ‘all about the music’ too.

No Age play Optimo at the Sub Club, Glasgow, Sun 18 May. The album Nouns is out now on Sub Pop.

Optimo (Espacio)

Legendary Glasgow club night as JD Twitch and JG Wilkes team up for an eclectic mix of beats and other vaguely electronic music for dancing.

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