Elliott Wright to be bridezilla

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  • 18 July 2016
Elliott Wright

Elliott Wright

Elliott Wright believes he'll be fairly demanding when he and his fiancée Sadie Stuart start planning their wedding

Elliott Wright will be more "bridezilla" than his fiancée when they start planning their wedding later this year.

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' hunk popped the question to his lover Sadie Stuart last month following just 10 months of dating and has admitted he'll probably be more stressed than her when it comes to arranging their big day.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Sadie said: "We haven't started planning the wedding yet. We've been so busy but we'll get the summer out of the way and then we will be able to sit down and talk about it more. I would say Elliott is more the bridezilla type than me!"

The hunk added: "The thing is I'm more demanding."

However, this isn't the first time Elliott has been married as he was previously wed to Joanne Mc Guinness, with whom he has children Elliott Jr and Olivia, but has admitted his divorce didn't put him off wanting to get hitched again.

He explained: "The thing is, a lot of people have been divorced and then married again, and if you've been in a relationship before that hasn't worked out, it doesn't put you off being with someone else.

"I just feel like, I know what I want out of relationship so that's why I took some time to find the right girl. I've been single for quite a while and met quite a lot of girls if I'm being honest with you, but no one came close to making me want to pop the question until Sadie, she ticked every single box. My children adore her, and as a single dad that's paramount; obviously that box was ticked, everything else fell in place and I knew she was the one."

Elliott and Sadie met at a bar in Spain but the 34-year-old star had to work fairly hard to persuade her to date him.

He said: "We met in Spain, in a friend's bar. Sadie asked for tickets and I conned her by saying that she had to meet me for tickets the next evening at a restaurant. She turned up there and I didn't have them which meant she had to meet up with me for another one and yeah!"

Meanwhile, Elliott's romantic proposal will air on his new TV show 'Playa in Marbella' on July 20 at 10pm.

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