Coronation Street's extra episode will help less-used characters

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  • 18 July 2016
Sally Dynevor as Sally Webster

Sally Dynevor as Sally Webster

Sally Dynevor thinks an extra 'Coronation Street' episode a week will help the characters who aren't used as much to have more storylines

'Coronation Street's extra episode a week will give the soap's least used characters more screen time.

The long-running programme recently announced it will air six nights a week from early next year and Sally Dynevor - who is known for playing busybody Sally Webster - thinks it will allow less-known stars to get more storylines.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Monday (18.07.16), she explained with a smile: "I think the schedules have all completely changed and the good thing is that we will have another story planned - we have quite a large cast - so it will mean that we can run one story against the other."

However, it seems not all of the cast are on the same page as the 53-year-old actress as some stars are convinced they will be "worked to the bone" against their will to fill.

A source said recently: "They believe many more cast will need to be hired to cope, if they don't then the existing cast are going to be worked to the bone to fill the extra half an hour, and it's the same with the crew. The cast fear that going to an extra episode will bore fans."

The change in running schedule has encouraged some of the younger members of the cast - who are believed to be on £40,000 a year - to ask for a payrise.

The insider added: "Everyone thinks that the actors are on top dollar but that's not the case. Some are on big money but the salaries drop off really quickly.

"The six-days-a week run is now an opportunity for them to really boost their earnings with extra appearance fees.

"The kids coming in now are on a pittance compared with what the older cast members earn.

"They work really hard but compared to the older cast, their salaries are chalk and cheese.

"And a lot of the actors have been offered advertising work that they aren't allowed to do because they are in a soap."

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