Stephanie Davis to find out baby's sex this week

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  • 18 July 2016
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis is hoping to find out the sex of her baby this week but thinks she could be carrying a little boy because her bump is "all out front."

Stephanie Davis is to find out the sex of her baby this week.

The 23-year-old actress is hoping to discover whether she's expecting a son or daughter when she goes for her routine four-month ultrasound in the coming days.

Taking to her Twitter account on Sunday (17.07.16), she said: "My bump is growing more forwards than out... Hmm! Too excited I just want to find out already I'm so impatient! #nextweek ... My mum just laughed at me before and said good luck your going to be maahooosiveee... She's right...Every day I look bigger (sic)"

However, the former 'Hollyoaks' star believes she could be carrying a little boy as, judging by an old wives' tale, she's gained weight just around her belly but no where else on her body and is battling with extreme morning sickness.

Attaching a live poll, she asked for her fans' opinion on what sex her unborn tot is: "Let's vote.. Bad morning sickness no appetite, weight all on belly no were else .. (sic)"

Stephanie was left in hysterics last week when she attended a scan and discovered her little one was sitting there with "the biggest pout" and pointing its finger.

She said shortly after her hospital appointment: "Can't wait to post my next scan soon! My baby had the biggest pout and pointing it's finger haha made up! So lucky xx (sic)"

And the former soap star - who was initially told she was due to give birth in January - was stunned to learn she is actually further into her pregnancy than she first thought.

She explained: "Just amazing! Hypo baby flipping over and over! Further on than I thought too. so happy I love you baby xxxx aghh mummy (sic)"

Meanwhile, Stephanie is keen to film her baby's birth next year in case her ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, who is adamant he's not the father of the tot, decides he wants to be a part of the little one's life later down the line.

She said recently: "I like the idea of a water birth but I've heard you can't have an epidural with that.

"As it's my first time I'll be wanting as much pain relief as I can get. I want to film the birth just in case Jeremy sorts himself out and wants to see what it was like."

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