Jennifer Lopez's favourite track

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  • 18 July 2016
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has revealed 'Love Makes the World Go Round' - which was released to remember the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting - is one of her "favourite songs" she's ever done

Jennifer Lopez says 'Love Makes the World Go Round' is one of her "favourite songs" she's ever done.

The 'On The Floor' hitmaker teamed up with Lin-Manuel Miranda to release the track to remember the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting, which happened last month.

She shared: "It's one of my favourite songs I've ever done. When I sing the words, I really feel, I don't know ...

"There's just something different about it than any other song I've ever done. I just feel like the world needs that message right now. The fact that love is the answer. Love is the key. That really makes the world a beautiful place. Makes it go round."

The 46-year-old singer and actress also admits she felt the time from when they were in the studio finishing the record to it being released was incredibly quick.

She added to 'Entertainment Tonight': "When we finished the record, it was put out so quickly. We did it one day, and the next day it was like, 'OK. It was on iTunes.'

"But I felt like people felt the urgency of it. The record company and everybody involved was like, 'We need to get this out there right now.' It's been an amazing response from not just fans of mine, but people all over the world."

Jennifer called the song "very special" as she took to Twitter previously to announce the news of the track.

She wrote: "Me and @Lin_Manuel are working in the studio on something very special...#LMTWGR #LoveMakeTheWorldGoRound #happy4thofJuly (sic)"

In the song, Lin-Manuel raps: "A generation of innovators enabled to patiently wait for change 'cause change is what they've been afraid of ... the malevolence can wait, raise a level of debate, celebrate, elevate."

Whilst Jennifer sings "We're not staying inside today ... they're not taking our pride away."

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