Corrie's Rhea Bailey: Girls hit on me thanks to lesbian role

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  • 17 July 2016
Coronation Street's Kate and Rhea

Faye Brookes and Rhea Bailey as Kate and Caz

'Coronation Street's Rhea Bailey has admitted she gets hit on by lesbians because she plays gay soldier Caz in the ITV soap

'Coronation Street's Rhea Bailey is hit on by "attractive" girls since playing a lesbian soldier.

The 33-year-old actress - who depicts Caz Hammond on the cobbles - admitted gay fans of the ITV soap have made sexual advances in real life and was shocked when a women even chatted her up at a funeral recently.

She told The Sunday People: "I've definitely been hit on by a lot more girls than usual. The last time was at at a ­funeral a few weeks ago. I was like: 'Is this really ­appropriate?' but she was very sweet and attractive."Another female fan, who wanted a photo with Rhea in the gym when she was naked, took her off guard.She said: "I was in the gym the other day, I'd just finished my work out and was completely ­naked in the changing room.

"This woman went, 'Oh my God, can I get a selfie?' I asked her if she could wait until I had some clothes on. I've never felt so ­vulnerable in my life."

Rhea is straight in real life and doesn't mind the extra attention she gets, but is sometimes worried people will think she's a psycho like Caz, who has turned bitter and nasty towards her fiancée Kate Connor (Faye Brooks) in the soap.

She said: "You can fall in love with ­anyone but my track record so far is I've only been in love with boys.

She added: "Straight away they (fans) think: 'Oh that's that girl off Corrie'. It is a bit scary that the majority of people on the street are going to think I'm a psycho."

Troubled Caz faked an injury in a bid to hold on to her fiancée but it backfired and now she may be dumped.

But she turns her attentions to Samia Ghadie's character Maria Connor in another plot at making Kate jealous, and Rhea - who is the sister of Corrine Bailey Rae - teased it will be an explosive storyline.

Rhea said: "It's a whole new friendship for Caz and a new ­person to focus on in a scary, Single White Female way. Everything's going to kick off."

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