Sonic Boom Six

Sonic Boom Six

Barfly, Glasgow, Sun 18 May


Less than ten years ago, bassist/vocalist Barney Boom’s only audience were the people who showed up to parties he was MCing at. These days, he’s touring internationally, as part of the Manchester-based quartet, the numerically confused Sonic Boom Six, and played to an audience of thousands. Having recently parted from Deck Cheese Records, the band’s latest album Arcade Perfect was released through their own label Rebel Alliance. But releasing your own record doesn’t automatically equal DIY utopia.

‘It’s definitely difficult financially,’ Mr Boom admits. ‘There simply isn’t enough money coming in from the UK to keep the band afloat. But to be honest, I see us pushing our heads out of the UK now and getting things moving in places like Europe, Japan and the US in a way that few bands from our scene ever did.’

Financial worries aside, Sonic Boom Six are frankly one of the most exciting bands the British punk scene has produced, period. It sounds like they were contestants on a musical supermarket sweep, mixing up genres from punk to dub, reggae to hip hop. ‘In Japan we’re perceived as a pop-rock band, in the US we’re viewed more as a credible underground punk band, but in the UK we’re seen by the punk scene as a bit of an oddity,’ he grins. ‘No one really knows if we’ve got integrity and underground credibility, or if we’re silly and uncool.’

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