TV review: Wasted, E4 (4 stars)

TV review: Wasted, E4

Hilarious slacker comedy starring Sean Bean, Danny Kirrane, Rose Reynolds, Gwyneth Keyworth and Dylan Edwards

The twenty-something hinterland is captured in hilarious and outrageous fashion in this slacker comedy from BAFTA award-winning writing team James Lamont and Jon Foster. It plays out like a cross between The Inbetweeners and Spaced (there’s quick cuts and zoom shots galore) with a quartet of friends living in the West Country going on mad drunken and drug-fuelled adventures to distract them from the boredom of reality.

Sean Bean regularly appears as himself in full Game of Thrones garb as a spiritual guide to Morpheus (Danny Kirrane) who along with his sister Sarah (Rose Reynolds) runs a bong palace called Stoned Henge. They’re joined by tattooist Alison (Gwyneth Keyworth) who has set up a work station in their shop and old school friend Kent (Dylan Edwards) who has returned to his home village, Neston Berry, after a failed attempt at becoming a DJ.

The core group of actors share a real chemistry and appear to be having the best time being silly and running around the rural setting. Kirrane excels at delivering garbled lines after imbibing out of date ecstasy as the fantasy obsessed and incredibly endearing Morpheus. Kirrane and Edwards play off one another with great comic timing as they dispense physical comedy. Reynolds has a blast acting out the seven stages of drunkenness as the indecisive Sarah. She’s completely game whether she’s vomming her guts up or going through an existential crisis that poses the important question of whether she loves reggae or her grandma most. While Keyworth’s deadpan delivery when the refreshingly written Alison is talking about sexual endeavors is spot on.

Ultimately Wasted is a funny and surreal celebration of friendship packed full of mischief, giggles and genuinely gag inducing gross out jokes. The witty wordplay, dialogue and wonderfully realised characters are a joy to spend time with.

Wasted starts on E4, Tue 26 Jul.

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