The Song from the Sea

The Song from the Sea

Platform, Glasgow, Wed 14 & Thu 15 May


In these hectic times, rarely do you hear a child complain of having nothing to do. On the contrary, moments of calm are in short supply for most children. Tapping into this modern phenomenon, playwright Mike Kenny created a tale which gives both adults and children pause for thought.

Originally staged in 2001 by acclaimed children’s theatre company Visible Fictions, The Song from the Sea is once again touring Scotland. ‘Mike’s writing validates the child’s perspective and their need to be heard,’ says artistic director, Dougie Irvine. ‘But the show also has a theme for adults, which is how we concentrate on the important things in life, like spending time with each other.’

Aimed at ages 3-8, the story centres on Josh, a young boy who lives ‘in a very noisy house, in a very noisy street, in a very noisy city’. Ignored by his mum and sister, he sets off on a journey with his gran to find the source of a noise only he can hear. When he discovers a dolphin is responsible for the sound, he embarks on an underwater adventure which brings his entire family closer together.

Performed by two actors and a foley artist creating sounds on stage, the show blends puppetry, music and live action; all with a gentle message thrown in. ‘The show has a very mythic feel,’ says Irvine. ‘So it’s always relevant whether it’s six years ago, today or in ten years time. And Mike acknowledges that being busy is an important aspect of life, but that there are other things we might want to think about, too.’

The Song from the Sea

Little Josh lives in a noisy house with a busy family. One day he hears a tempting sound calling to him and thus begins an aquatic adventure of hope, in this enchanting blend of puppetry, music and visual storytelling from Visible Fictions. Ages 3+.

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