Coronation Street's Bistro hit by rogue drone

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  • 13 July 2016
The cast of Coronation Street

The Coronation Street cast

'Coronation Street's fictional restaurant the Bistro was hit by a rogue drone last week

The 'Coronation Street' cast were left fearing for their lives when a drone crashed into the Bistro restaurant last week.

The remote controlled vehicle was shooting behind-the- scenes footage for the show's audience tour when it turned rogue and ploughed into one of the programme's prized sets.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "The bloke flying this thing was an external operator and he turned up promising to deliver shots that are the bees' knees.

"However, it was anything but as he smashed the thing into one of their most prized sets. He could have taken someone's head off; they're not normally used on the day-to-day set because of the risks. They're quite tricky to fly and you need a commercial licence to operate one. It raced over the heads of crew and directors before a less than glamorous landing at the Bistro. Luckily, there wasn't much damage."

Filming for upcoming scenes had to be halted on Friday (08.07.16) while the mess was cleared up and it's believed the incident has now been reported to the Civil Aviation Authority, which issues licences for drone operators.

A spokesperson for the show has confirmed no one was injured during the accident and the restaurant is still intact.

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